Our daughter has been attending Growing Up Montessori since she turned two, and she has loved it ever since. All of the staff have been kind and friendly and helped us tremendously with potty training and other toddler-age related issues. Our daughter enjoys the art projects, educational games and music classes as well as playing with her many friends. We are very happy to have picked Growing Up Montessori and love watching our little girl thriving, learning and having lots of fun.

Growing up Montessori has provided our daughter a warm, inviting and safe space to learn and grow. Her academic and interpersonal skills have flourished under the guidance and supervision of her teachers and other staff members.  She is welcomed into class everyday with the invitation to explore, interact and thrive.
- Laurie Bauer



Hands down, Growing Up Montessori has been the best thing to happen to our family. We started our oldest at 3 1/2 and the other at 2. Along with the incredible academic program, the emotional support provided by the staff is exceptional. The staff is well trained in regard to the Montessori philosophy. Our kids are doing things I never expected or taught them. My only complaint is that the school does not go through the 6th grade! 
- EB

Growing Up Montessori has been so welcoming and the teachers have really become like family.  I know my girls are well cared for and supported in all of their emotional, social, and developmental needs throughout the day.  Our family situation (separated parents) has required extra attention and the teachers have been there to support the girls and I every step of the way.  We are truly grateful for this school and its teachers.

- Monica Niess

I will be forever grateful to Growing Up Montessori for being an integral part in my son’s development. The genuine love and dedication to my son’s learning experience is palpable.  I feel so comfortable dropping him off in the morning because I know the environment is friendly, safe and intentionally designed to maximize his academic and social/emotional potential.  My son has some learning differences and when I pause to reflect on how much progress he has made since starting at Growing Up Montessori, it brings tears to my eyes.  This school has been the perfect fit for us, not only because I feel like my son resonates and responds to the Montessori approach, but also because it feels like we are all on the same team and supporting my son’s growth together.  There is always an open door policy and if I am having any concerns the teachers and staff are always available to listen.  They too are very communicative and if there is ever anything noteworthy that comes up during the day, I am the first to know.  They make me feel like my son is the only student in the school, which I consider to be a good sign because I know they treat each and every student and family with this same level of love and attention.  The teachers and administrators at Growing Up Montessori are true gifts to our children and to our community. 

- Molly Brennand

Our daughter started in the Caterpillar Class shortly after turning two, transitioned into the Butterfly Class 9 months later, and has now been a student at Growing Up Montessori for a year and a half. Through this time we've had the opportunity to work with all of the teachers at the school and simply can't say enough about how wonderful they've been to collaborate with. They are an incredible group of compassionate, warm, talented educators who have provided our daughter with a safe, stimulating, and encouraging environment in which she has absolutely thrived. We have found that the school offers a beautiful blend of structure, academics, creativity, and community - which has given our daughter the tools she needs to be both confident and independent while still being wonderfully social and imaginative. We are truly grateful to have discovered this lovely place for our daughter to grow and learn.
-Heather & Mike