Our Mission:

Growing Up Montessori School fosters independence and a love of learning by providing a creative and nurturing environment prepared to serve the developmental needs of each child.

Our Vision:

To provide a comprehensive Montessori education that cultivates independent and flexible learners, creative problem solvers and empathetic, compassionate and engaged global citizens.


Our Philosophy:

Growing Up Montessori follows the principles of Dr. Maria Montessori. The classroom is arranged to satisfy the child’s natural curiosity and is equipped with developmentally appropriate materials. Children learn to keep their environment organized and beautiful. 


At Growing Up Montessori, children learn at their own pace through hands-on experiences. Children are encouraged by a teacher and guided into all areas of the classroom. Works are introduced through both individual and group lessons. The children are then encouraged to try the work on their own, as many times as they like. Repetition is very important for children; it promotes concentration, coordination, independence and a sense of order.


The teachers at Growing Up Montessori recognize a child’s sensitive periods and encourage growth through use of the materials and individualized learning. The teachers model respect for the children, for the materials, and for all living things. The children learn from this example and through interacting with each other and helping one another.


The teacher’s goal is to observe, model positive behavior, give lessons, change the work as needed, and guide the children in the classroom.

In a Montessori classroom, materials are displayed on open shelves in an orderly fashion. During the daily “work cycle,” children choose materials freely and select an area of the classroom in which to work. The children are encouraged to work at their own pace and may repeat an activity as many times as they like. The children learn to keep the materials neat and the classroom tidy. They practice self-control and discipline, and they learn to make independent choices as well as work together.


Children in a Montessori classroom are motivated by one another. Younger children look up to older children and older children are excited to mentor the younger children. Older children develop a sense of empathy and want to help the younger children. When there is a conflict, the children talk to one another and solve problems together. The children become a community and help each other to maintain a peaceful classroom.

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