Caterpillar Classroom ages 18 - 35 months

Teachers: Miss Christina and Miss Celia


Each day, the Caterpillar Classroom students explore the Montessori materials, they are introduced to art projects, and they engage in music, singing, movement and outside play.  Miss Christina and Miss Celia observe the children and learn their interests. During the morning work cycle, they gently guide the children to choose works that exercise necessary skills. All works in the classroom are fun, stimulating, and are updated often in order to keep the classroom fresh and exciting.


Below is a list of areas of development along with examples of Montessori activities that a child may engage in on a given day.




Eye-Hand Coordination


Hammering, screwdriver works, stringing beads, stretching rubber bands over pegs, stacking geometric shapes, puzzles, pulling penny from silly putty, mystery bag, tearing construction paper, cutting, applying glue, play dough, knobbed cylinders.


Gross Motor Coordination


Dancing, movement games, blocks, washing pumpkins and squash, washing baby doll, rolling rugs, unpacking and packing up snack and lunch, outside play: running, jumping, climbing, kicking and throwing balls, carrying belongings into school each day, taking off and hanging up coat.

Grace and Courtesy


Morning greeting song, saying please and thank you, taking turns, listening to each other, sharing.



Songs, poems, rhymes, reading stories, circle time lessons.

Sense of Order


A sense of order is achieved when trust and mastery are established. It is driven by the child’s inner self and is achieved through repetition of any of the classroom activities.



Carrying belongings into school each day, taking off and hanging up coat, putting on shoes and slippers, opening and closing lunchbox, cleaning up messes, choosing works.

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